Donation to the Schools

Southside Water Works is very proud and supportive of our Southside Panthers, so in early 2017 when the schools requested help collecting donations for their schools, we were eager to help.

Southside Water Works and Sewer Board developed a plan to assist the schools by adding 50 cents to each water bill. Before activating this donation, we mailed all customers a letter with the option to opt out or continue to give the donation. For new customers, the donation preference is part of your new service application.

See a copy of the letter here.

At the end of each year the amount collected will be divided equally between the elementary and high schools. We appreciate your contribution to our students.

Read about the 2017 donation here.

If you would like this donation removed from your bill, simply call us at (256) 442-8707 and we will inactivate it.

Board Members Present School Checks 2017

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